Call for Artists – 3/26 at Unique Photo, Fairfield NJ

Please fill out the Submission Form for Consideration

LOCATION: Unique Photo 123 US HWY46 Fairfield, NJ 07071
Date: 3/26/2017
Set up: 12PM-1PM
Doors Open: 1:30PM
Doors Close: 4:00PM

General Information for shows held at Unique Photo
-neato art show is a pop up art & handmade craft gallery
-the event is intended to showcase a wide spectrum of creativity
-suggested participants are:
*artists: sketching/drawing, painting, mixed media
*digital artists
*photographers, models, makeup artists
*handmade crafts & handmade jewelry
-it is a free or low cost event FOR participants
-donations are accepted
-participants can sell artwork or items
-display is entirely tabletop based – no hanging or wall mounting
-there is 1 hour for setup
-a table and 2 chairs are provided, no additional items are provided
-it is recommended to bring all items you need for display
-electricity is not provided
-table size is 1.5ft by 3ft
-ALL AGES are welcome
(however fine art nudes & adult concepts are potentially displayed)

What we need from you!
-please email to:
-please put your artist name or company name as subject header
include the following for promotional material
*date attending (we have multiple dates available at a given time)
*artist or company name
*type of work
-social network sites (facebook, twitter, instagram, tumbler, etc)
-brief description of artist & work (up to 4 sentences)
-3 images of your best work in the following format:
*jpg *rgb *300 pixel resolution *at least 8inches x 11inches or close
Items marked with an * are required
Please feel free to submit as much of the above information requested as possible.

Please fill out the Submission Form for Consideration

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