3/26/17 Display: Torva Terra

Torva Terra Photography: Kate is an award winning travel and nature photographer, educator and author. She was classically trained on black and white photography in the dark room while she earned her BFA in Fine Art and Design. With this strong foundation, Kate bought her first color digital camera and immersed herself in the craft. She has since been recognized by National Geographic Travel, National Wildlife Federation, and Photo District News for her exceptional landscape and wildlife photography. When she is not working on assignment, Kate teaches photography workshops to share her love and knowledge of wild life and wild places.

“I hope that you enjoy viewing my work. Art to me is more than self expression; it is capturing a moment or a dream and sharing it with others. Art can be so much but it always carries a message. The story behind my own artwork is the conservation of natural beauty, preserving our endangered wilderness.

I truly enjoy photographing wildlife. It brings to me a thrill of excitement and a satisfaction of capturing beauty in motion. There is nothing like looking into the eyes of a wild creature as it gazes back at you, or seeing a hawk in first flight and sharing that emotion and experience with you. ”

Website or Online Store: www.TorvaTerra.com

Artwork Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TorvaTerraPhotography

Instagram: TorvaTerra

Image: http://torvaterra.zenfolio.com/wildlife/h1a60e40#h1a60e40

Image: http://torvaterra.zenfolio.com/featured/h410861cd#h410861cd

Image: http://torvaterra.zenfolio.com/wildlife/h46062017#h46062017



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