Neato Art Show is a low cost or free pop up showcase featuring talent of every genre. If you are an artist or photographer, please feel free to display your work! A group of friends started this recently and we hope it grows into something really fun!

We are looking for  · 2D & 3D Artists (Traditional & Digital) · Photographers
· Models · Makeup Artists · Handmade Crafts & Jewelry

You can sell your artwork or handmade items. Mass-produced items are not allowed.
Neato events are held at various locations.
You MUST supply your own tent, table and chairs.
Display is entirely tabletop based – no hanging or mounting.
Setup will be 1 hour.
If indoors, a 6×10 space will be provided for your table. If outdoors, a 10×10 will be provided for your tent and setup.
It’s recommended you bring all other items you need for display.
Electricity will not be provided.
This is a family event, ALL AGES are welcome. Please plan art accordingly.